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Plagiarism is defined as presenting another person's words, work, ideas, images, phrases or signatures as one's own work. All quotes, work, words, images, ideas, phrases or signatures used in the body of a work, which do not originate from the creator or writer of the work presented, must be properly footnoted, documented or referenced in such a way that the source of the material is clear to the AQ Course Instructor. In submitting their own work to a Course Instructor, AQ participants consent to having their submissions reviewed for source material that is not documented.

If a candidate has presented or submitted material as his or her own, and it is determined not to be his or her own, then the Course Instructor must contact the Provincial Coordinator immediately regarding this matter. In such a case, the candidate will be required to withdraw from the course in which the plagiarism has occurred. No refund of course fees is available to any candidate in such a circumstance. If the course being taken is a requirement of employment with a Board, the candidate must apply for the next available course at their own expense.